What is Kucoin? Non-KYC Crypto Exchange!

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What is Kucoin? Non-KYC Crypto Exchange!

How to receive the $25 newbie bonus (ENDS in 7 days) from Kucoin: 1) Register here: /> 2) Deposit $100 (From a non-KuCoin account) 3) Make 1 trade in the “spot” market

9 thoughts on “What is Kucoin? Non-KYC Crypto Exchange!”

  1. Be careful, the scams in the comments section of my videos are getting really extensive!

  2. I would have liked for this video to explain more of how and why kucoin get's around the KYC thing, and why it is one of the only CEXs to do so

  3. Awesome video. Always enjoy your content. Can you do a explanation video on Decentralize/NFT Domain ?

  4. you said on your video you buy crypto from another platform and then transfer it to kucoin can you share your other platform please hate kyc here lol

  5. Wish you would post more often ive literally watched 90% of your videos took notes as well your channel has taught me alot so thank you!

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  7. Don’t fuck with this crypto head my ducking warning this is coming from someone who has been in the crypto space for 6.5 years!!!! Don’t put a dime on this trash I’d tell you to buy Xrp or Dogecoin or shiba before this trash !!!!

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