What does this error message mean?

I got this message while trying to perform a swap on Uniswap. “Gas estimation failed. Wait a few minutes and try again.”

Here is more info:

  1. This is token contract address: 0x2d8dbfb7b5bdfbea96fff82827c0bd4338d70cca
  2. This is pair address: 0xfa54778a8b592314092e05ce398dfa245641702b


I do not understand why I am not able to make $100 swap as total available liquidity is $11,800. Also, I increase the slippage to 5% and then 7% but still the same error. Someone from the ETH community suggested that the tokens may be locked. Is such thing possible? I assumed once a pair has pooled tokens, anyone should be able to swap tokens.

Here is the link to the discussion in ETH reddit page:

What does this error message mean? from ethereum