WARNING: Bitcoin About to Crash?! ($5000 Possible)


WARNING: Bitcoin About to Crash?! ($5000 Possible)

The FTX collapse shocked the crypto market and made our bear market even worse. But what if I told you there are 6 remaining existential risks, and each of them could be worse than FTX… well in this video let’s take a look at each one and dissect why people are worried and HOW LIKELY they are to even happen… Timestamps: 0:00 6 Huge Risks 0:26 Risk 1 2:32 Risk 2 4:54 Risk 3 6:31 Risk 4 9:12 Risk 5 11:47 Risk 6 #Bitcoin #crypto #bearish #risks #FTX #silvergate #Tether #Ripple #ETH #DCG #Genesis #Grayscale #GBTC #Binance

10 thoughts on “WARNING: Bitcoin About to Crash?! ($5000 Possible)”

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  2. so, what do you think about Radix for now? cos afaik is radfi is their biggest event. especially knowing that radix is ​​now growing rapidly and make defi so much better

  3. RBIF has increased by more than 135% in the past year while BTC, ETH,BNB,..all have fallen. Everyone predicts how much it will increase when it launches RoboDEX?

  4. Remember global market cap crypto is 800billion,, daily transaction is 25 billion
    No need to worry

  5. You are incorrect:
    You are not a "validator" if you do not create blocks
    You need to go back to the very definition of a Node in the white paper, read it
    Just because you hold records of all transactions, that does not make you a node (what you call "validator")
    Nodes FIND BLOCKS as first function following PoW principle, and then ALSO process transactions as second function and put them into the block they created.
    It is BOTH, not just one. Read the white paper please so you stop telling people incorrect things.
    Also BTC is not the actual Bitcoin at all… it is actually BSV… and THAT is the Black Swan event of BTC… soon the narrative over BTC being Bitcoin is going to be exposed as a LIE and that will be the death of it (Tether is also right there with it, as is all the DCG scams).

  6. 99% people called the Top wrong. Makes me think they will do so too in regards to bottom. 100% sure here. Based on their positions. For example I would like btc to go down as I am in stables mostly.

  7. yes, probability after news from MtGox give back money of investor on 10 Jan worth of 141,000 BTC

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