Utilities of CAKE in Pancake Protectors

Pancake Protectors, powered by the PvP GameFi protocol Mobox, immerses players in thrilling missions where strategic placement of hero towers is critical. What sets this edition apart is the integration of CAKE, the native token of PancakeSwap. This integration allows players to utilize CAKE tokens within the game and earn rewards while enjoying the gameplay.


Utilities of Cake

  1. Accelerating Recharge Rate and Level up progress

Boost the recharge rate of game features in the “First Recharge” section to progress faster and improve gameplay efficiency. Use CAKE to accelerate level-up progress and increase profits.

  1. Claiming CAKE Heroes

Claim Heroes in the “Recruit” section and manage them in the “Heroes” section. Heroes are divided into factions, with Light being the most powerful. Use recruitment chances or recruitment cards from various sources. CAKE holders can use CAKE to purchase Gold and recruit top-level Cake Heroes. CAKE heroes offer tradability, superior attributes, and more Hero Points.

  1. Unlocking Level Fund, Battle Pass and Privilege Card

Find Level Fund, Battle Pass, and Privilege Card in the “Benefits” section. Level Fund represents the Gold required for the next level. Use CAKE to purchase Gold and unlock rewards in the tiered Battle Pass by completing tasks and earning experience points. The Privilege Card grants bonuses such as increased experience gain, enhanced drop rates, reduced cooldown times, and exclusive access.

  1. Purchasing Gold and Gift Packs

Use CAKE to buy in-game currency, Gold, for leveling up and other purposes. Access the “Gift Pack” section to unbox Daily Gift, Season Gift, and One-Time Gift Pack options using CAKE.

  1. Staking CAKE to Earn Resource

Stake CAKE in “AFK” to earn additional resources like Gold, HERO EXP, and Notes. There are 10 levels, each offering more advanced resources. Also prepare for Seasonal Rewards!

For more info on the seasonal rewards or pancake protectors visit: https://blog.pancakeswap.finance/articles/pancake-protectors-is-here-discover-the-power-of-cake-and-perks-for-pancake-squads-and-bunnies

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