Using trading bots on binance

I don’t do a lot of trading, but when I do, I really suck at it. This is why I don’t really place a lot of money on it since I know I might end up losing a lot. But with the little amount I use to trade, I thought I could find something that might help me.

I thought of using trading bots, and came across several like Tradesanta, 3commas, Stoic, and Cryptohopper. I’m looking through reddit for some reviews for each app, but I want to know what you guys think.

I have never used trading bots before, so I just wanted to know if anyone out there heard of it or has experience using any of these. I want to know your experience on using it or any other similar trading bots.

Using trading bots on binance

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  1. Bots are a bane on the crypto space and should burn in the fires of hell.

  2. From what I checked in their telegram channel Stoic is going to allow more hedge changes in the platform. Though this feature can be unlocked if you have their Stoic token.

  3. I use 3commas and like it with the trading view panel and such. I had a REAL hard time with cryptohopper and don’t recommend it as your first.

  4. Cryptohopper is great for basic bots using indicators. But right now I’m using Coygo for arbitrage bots

  5. Are trading bots generally safe? In terms of usage I mean. Not for instance, gaining or losing on a trade.

  6. If you’re a bit more tech-savvy, I can highly recommend FreqTrade, which is a self-hosted open source bot that let’s you write strategies via Python.

    It already comes with a lot of strats and you can download a lot more from various github repos or their discord. But the cool thing about it is that you can implement your own strategy, since the entire framework is already being provided by freqtrade (exchange support, notifications, web interface, indicators, backtesting, etc.)

  7. Using bitsgap to grid trade on spot market , you will get around 1-2% daily (average) if you manage to proper range and diversify. You also need some maket knowledge to start at good time to maximize profit.

  8. I made my own trading bot and have had success with that. I would recommend to make your own bot rather than getting bots from other people. Because if those bots was actually any good, the creator wouldn’t be sharing them.

  9. I am using STOIC. I couldn’t possibly research and follow all the coins that there are to trade. I like it and will continue to use it. The trades have been good and it takes out a lot of the emotion. I also still have other accounts too.

  10. Has anyone actually made any significant cash trading using bots?

    Best Strategy in Crypto.

    But when BTC and ETH are 75-85% down

    Start Selling when its 5-10x up.

    Rinse Repeat. No Bots needed. 🙂

  11. Dollar cost into projects you understand and believe in, and take a long term view that way you are not subject to the ebbs and flows of the crypto market and therefore not over-reacting to it.

    Remember nobody who bought Bitcoin 5 years ago has lost money, but those that sold did.

  12. I have seen people getting rekt because they’re relying too much on trading bots. Even seasoned traders take up to 8 years learning how to trade with almost $100,000 loss every year before they started to profit. Sure it’s hard, but think of it as your enrollment fee before you actually profit for yourself. Try paper trading instead, then start day trading on your own.

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