User Identities; $CVC As A Trailblazer.

A good number of use cases have trumped in the cryptospace, we have seen a wide range of payment frameworks come up.

Just recently, i have found projects built along tokens that represent a user’s identity and live in wallets. Thus, Civic Pass is a non transferable token that represents a users' identities and reside in wallets. It thus serves as a gatekeeper for Dapps.

Through this, $CVC stands as one of the projects i have found with this awesome usecase. While scrollling through and reading the project’s roadmap there is a lot of stuff under works.
The token is currently available on; Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Optimism, Phantom and polygon.

The most trhrilling part of it lies in its uniqueness i.e; a unique human being behind every wallet, this exists to curb bad actors. Personally, i am looking to invest in this project, its Bitget listing has provided it with further spotlight.

As a result of the listing, users are given latitude to trade during the promotion to earn about $10 worth of $CVC. The eligibility criteria is simply to achieve a spot volume of 100 USDT.