UNICE- A Blockchain-based messenger app crafted by a group of professional doctors to serve the medical sector.

Blockchain projects are significantly expanding their reach, from memes to potential projects all are giving lucrative earnings to investors. With the new inclusion of UNICE an AI-based Blockchain Messenger which is created by doctors now going to serve the medical sector.

This project has a strong fundamental basis and is backed by strong competent authorities like DWFLabs, Fireblocks, Zealy, Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. Users will have various advantages including flexible passive income by simply chatting while making them healthy.

Unice-user classification system or UCS is a system that classifies, manages, and tracks users' health status, providing them opportunities for revenue generation to businesses. This enables a sustainable and stable expansion of the ecosystem, also offering users various possibilities for income generation.

Emotions are a kind of message that is created by the brain in response to experience and environments, significantly influencing our thoughts and actions. By analyzing these emotions, UNICE can identify our mental and physical health issues.

UNICE aims to make an AI namely AREUM which makes blockchain user-friendly, supporting a healthy life without technical barriers. UNICE is currently listed in a few major CeX Bitget, Mexc and a mid-tier exchange CoinW. Bitget is offering CandyBomb and Deposit Rebate events with a total reward amount of 448k and 270k tokens respectively.