Twitter user wakes up after a 5 months coma and checks his his FTX account. Tomorrow he will tell his wife how much was in the account.

Little Shapes NFT is a Twitter user with 26.4k followers. He mostly posts about NFTs and particularly his project called Little Shapes, supposedly the “first NFT's ever generated with a physics engine”.

The account had gone inactive after 24 June 2022 for unclear reasons. Today, on 29 December, the account posted for the first time, explaining that he had been in a car accident and a long coma. His initial post was very positive.

Shortly after, he checked his FTX account, and found out that his funds are gone.

A few hours later, he posted again, stating that he will tell his wife how much was in the account tomorrow. I assume it was a large sum.

What a crazy story. We joke about being away for a long time (jail, coma) and coming back rich. Never thought of the other way around…

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