Trezor damaged and won’t work

I was connecting my Trezor Model T to my laptop using this adapter

Today I accidently dropped my laptop and the trezor has “exploded” as a result, leaving it in this state (see screenshot)

I was able to plugin the monitor wires back to the main board but the trezor won't turn on now when I connect it (tried with a different cable)
I have a feeling that something broke with the USB c port, since the cable doesn't “click” properly now

Is there any way I can better diagnose the problem? If it is indeed a problem with the USB port, is there a process for replacing it?
I'm out of country and won't have access to my seed phrase for more than 2 months so I hope I can get the device working again. I use it not just for crypto transactions but ssh login (server and github) too