TOR Stablecoin – 30% APR Farming – $100m treasury

Hector Finance has a treasury worth more than $100,000,000, more than 40 team members, and their budget for 2022 is $7.2m – they have big goals and are ticking them off 1 by 1. They recently launched their $TOR stablecoin which has 30% APR for farming.

In times like these, stable farming is one of the best ways to keep making gains and lower your risk. TOR is also audited by CertiK so is as safe as can be.

The dev team makes update videos every week and does AMAs every Thursday so you can ask as many questions as you want to. Their utility token $HEC is the 2nd most held coin on the entire Fantom network, and Hector Finance is a recipient of the Fantom Incentives grant worth $7m + per year, so we know this is going the distance. It could be the UST of the Fantom Chain.

True utility, massive treasury, active team.

I think we know where this one is going 🌕