Top 5 Metaverse Land NFTs to Buy

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Top 5 Metaverse Land NFTs to Buy

In this video we will list the Top 5 Metaverse Land NFT collections in the space. I provide some of my favorite metaverses & explain why I believe in them. We will talk about Metaverses like The Otherside, The Sandbox, Decentraland, NFT Worlds, & more! Patreon: e (only 1,500 spots available for right now) Join Our Discord: Discord: Z Follow Our Socials: Twitter: _ Instagram: / Axie Infinity: / NFT Worlds: s Decentraland: d The Sandbox: x The Otherside: d 0:00 – 1:20 Intro 1:21 – 4:16 5: Axie Infinity 4:17 – 8:04 4: NFT Worlds 8:05 – 11:20 3: Decentraland 11:21 – 15:11 2: The Sandbox 15:12 – 20:54 1: The Otherside 20:55 – 22:13 Final Thoughts Financial Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. This channel is for entertainment and expressing my opinions. Please do your own research and make your own decisions.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Metaverse Land NFTs to Buy”

  1. hey! Some people are pointing out that I used Nanopass for the thumbnail. I was unaware, I just looked up digital land on google images to find something I could use for the thumbnail. My apologies if you were looking forward to me talking about it!

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  3. Listen bro I love your shit and what you do for the community but I'm kinda blown away how you don't know about BYOpills and their upcoming land selection. Their team is top notch they under promise and over deliver constantly. One parcel of BYOland just sold for 20 eth! Please for your own good, check them out

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  5. what about illuvium? they had a huge land sale recently 😛 maybe take a look give us some insight

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  9. Thanks again for the video 🙂 Can you take time to review Antebellum Genesis Land? They're still in a very early stage but i think this project has big potential.

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