The Traction Of SocialFi Tokens; $RTF.

Through last year, we witnessed a couple of narratives spring up. Apart from BRC20s, DEpin and all, we witnessed the emergence of SocialFi firstly within the scope of friendtech.

As time went on, other SocialFi frameworks made their debut. It is safe to say it is doing well as a growing narrative. Having witnessed its growth from scratch, I've been keenly interested in it and I have been researching projects to give me a wider range of Socialfi networks to choose from.

I just came across Ready To Fight, a project that combines both social networks and decentralised finance, enabling creators to monetize their content. Currently, its social network caters to a 50 million strong boxing community founded by Oleksandr and Sergey Lupin.

The project brings boxers, trainers, agents, managers and fans together by incorporating boxing with the power of Web3. This is how much the crypto space has evolved. Apart from being built on its own blockchain infrastructure, RTF has also utilised cutting edge mechanics to bring its features to fruition.

The platform’s native token $RTF serves as the fuel of the ecosystem. Practically , all finances as it pertains to the network are done via the token. Donations, payments for services, purchases and access to exclusive content etc.

$RTF has received quite good traction, earning Bitget listing in its prime. Let me know what y’all feel about socialFi and by implication $RTF.