The Ethereum Haters Are ALL WRONG!


The Ethereum Haters Are ALL WRONG!

The Ethereum haters are all wrong, because ETH is going to melt your face off in the next few years. This is due to the Triple Halving Theory as penned by Nikhil Shamapant, better know as SquishChaos. In this video we’ll look at the 4 pillars of that thesis: Supply Reduction, Demand Increase, Catalysts coming up, and Narratives changing for Ethereum. Then we’ll end with a price prediction for ETH that may be controversial. The original Triple Halving Report by SquishChaos: g Updated look at his Triple Halving theory: /> Also, try out our partner Bitget exchange (spot, futures, and copy trading): L Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:18 1 – Supply Decreasing 2:20 2 – Demand Increasing 5:02 3 – Catalysts Upcoming 6:48 4 – Narratives Shifting 9:15 Price Targets! #Ethereum #ETH #Merge #TripleHalving #Price #Prediction #Target

10 thoughts on “The Ethereum Haters Are ALL WRONG!”

  1. Your channel is lively and you engage your followers so well. I've come to love everything you present because of your in-depth knowledge of what you're doing… I believe so much in your analysis

  2. You are being paid to promote dead shit, this market is not to trust and if anyone speak with certainty like you about the future this means you know nothing and you made money just by ads and promotion. and reading the comments here I see a lot of dumbs following you blindly.

  3. 9:03 Sorry but I don't think PoS can get enought decentralization, I mean PoW will be always more decentralized. Think about it, the risks in validation penalties will drive a lot of ppl to AWS lol

  4. Its not hate just be honest who wants to pay absurd fees common be honest. Afcause the Eth holders will always be praising Eth at the end of the day there fees is bizare and scalibility is garbage

  5. why would I want to risk yield on an unstable coin (ether) instead of a stable coin (usdx)?

  6. 4 reasons that dont explain even one use case …
    Gaming is big business, but mass adoption?

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