Tensor,Shaping the Future of Solana NFT Trading

Tensor is Solana's leading NFT marketplace, where 60-70% of Solana's NFT volume flows daily. With over $2 billion in transactions processed, accounting for 70% of the network's NFT volume in the past 90 days, Tensor has emerged as a market leader since its inception in July 2022. Offering a fast and professional trading experience, Tensor quickly rose to the #1 marketplace spot, attracting collectors and traders alike with its extensive coverage of Solana's newest NFT projects. With features like decentralized governance, royalty-free secondary sales, and low transaction costs thanks to Solana's infrastructure, Tensor ensures a fair, transparent, and cost-effective ecosystem. Moreover, our active community drives continuous improvement, supported by programs like the Tensor Super Fan initiative. Bitget's listing of TNSR saw a remarkable 739.86% increase within 24 hours of listing, with depositors getting a chance to share in an exciting prize pool.

TNSR – https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/tensor