[Such a joke] Twitter X Upgrade Enhances Financial and Communication Features.

X Corp has taken over Twitter, not merely for corporate rebranding but with a greater vision in mind.

The acquisition aims to ensure the preservation of freedom of speech while serving as a catalyst for the expansion of X, the revolutionary “everything app.”


The Twitter platform, once synonymous with concise 140-character messages resembling birds tweeting, has evolved into a multifaceted hub where users can share diverse content, including extensive video footage. However, with the platform’s current capabilities far beyond its initial purpose, the Twitter name no longer aligns with its comprehensive communication and extensive financial features.

The merger between Twitter and X Corp represents a strategic step towards a future where communication knows no bounds, and users can seamlessly navigate their entire financial world within the confines of a single app. By harnessing the potential of X, the Everything app, this acquisition promises a host of unprecedented benefits for its vast user base.

The decision to part ways with the iconic bird logo, which symbolized the platform’s early days, signifies a new chapter in its evolution. X Corp recognizes the need for a fresh identity that encapsulates the app’s far-reaching capabilities and its commitment to fostering open, unbridled expression on the digital landscape.

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