Stucked with Harmony on Metamask


Since 2021, I have been involved in staking on the Harmony blockchain. Initially, I used the browser extension on Brave for staking, but later it was discontinued with no support for the app. We were then advised to migrate to Metamask. I created a new wallet on Metamask, transferred my tokens, and continued staking (claiming rewards and delegating) without any issues until last week when Metamask stopped working, and I had to reinstall it.

Since then, I have been able to connect my wallet on Metamask (the ETH address is visible), connect to Harmony Mainnet, and sign in to However, when I try to claim my rewards, I receive a message stating that I am attempting to transfer 0 ONE tokens instead of the correct amount.

On the staking site, my ONE address is displayed correctly. I have tried signing out and back in on the staking site, reinstalling the wallet, and even using an Android phone, but the issue persists.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? I'm unsure where the problem lies and would appreciate any assistance or insights. Thank you for reading this. Cheers.