Solana Meme Tokens; $EPIK

Solana memecoins are still doing relatively well, a couple of them are scooping decent wins for its investors. Being a fan of Solana gems, I have been looking at some of its memecoin listings and EPIK seems to be the newest meme on the block with fairly good traction. It is modelled along a playful duck character which makes it quite unique and increases its popularity.

Some growing communities on the social media space have shown optimism about the token, bitget’s intent of listing the meme has given the project further spotlight. The early listing on here is an opportunity for early buyers to make good fortunes off of this memecoin.

Apart from raking good trading volumes and millions in trading, the project has received very positive sentiment from the community. With the listing coming up on bitget on 18th April, we may see $EPIK going mainstream.