Software Developer Looking to Venture into Web3

Hi, I am a full-time full-stack software developer who has been in Crypto since 2020. Harmony was the first project which I researched and thus bought into.

I am looking to venture into the Web3 but I am struggling to be find solid tutorials for a beginner in the developer space. I know JS/Python/C#/C++ if that's relevant. I've looked at Solidarity and code for contracts but haven't seen a solid set of tutorials for it related to Harmony.

So, I am a software developer who is looking for some pointers to solid resources to start my web3 path.


Software Developer Looking to Venture into Web3

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  2. Hi welcome!

    I used tutorials from Dapp University
    The harmony website is also a good place to start

    I also created some tutorials based on this specific to harmony; will link it here once I get a chance

  3. I began watching this NFT Marketplace with JavaScript and Solidity on Polygon tutorial by Nader Dabit. I thought it was very good and I like his presentation a lot, I didn’t know enough at the time to continue.

    It looks like his channel has much web3 content.

  4. >I know JS/Python/C#/C++ if that’s relevant

    Yes. This is definitely relevant. But for Blockchains like Cartesi as far as I know. You can build with C++, Python on it since it enables the use of Mainstream languages via Linux OS

    This article is a good reference

    And for Solidity, I see another commenter has posted an helpful link. GL!

  5. You should look at Subsquid as they provide on-chain data and other tools that enables web3 developers. They might provides all you need.

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