Sminem Pumps Tether USDT After The Crash

Lord Wojak

Sminem Pumps Tether USDT After The Crash

Sminem Pumps Tether USDT After The Crash! In this episode of Lord Wojak, Bogdanoff gets punished for dumping USDT. Watch what happens as Sminem pumps the crypto market. Welcome to Lord Wojak! On this channel, I create meme story videos pertaining to Doomer, Boomer, Chad and Bogdanoff. If you are new to the world of crypto meme, Bogdanoff is the bad person who is always out to ruin the life of Wojak. Donations to Help Support This Channel🙏: 🔸Bitcoin/BTC: 3MCqc5Bi1B14G6nxwHzJApLxcwAkQv8zWs 🔸Ethereum/ETH: 0x2bc378ECed478d6aE4d507cC57dBb0840c692B47 🔸Cardano/ADA: addr1vyl7vemdykv5t4arvrvwawkz6rlx498w6uk3h3jylwtanfcrdpt0f 🔸Shiba Inu: 0x2fC2A9F64c6B56E5E3C94710Eb80Fa4603FA2958 Be a part of the Lord Wojak family by subscribing to our channel here: L 😂Bing on my funniest content here 😂: Wojak Meets TIme Machine Series: 👉 /> Wojak Gets Infected with Omicron Series: 👉 /> Wojak Christmas Edition Series: 👉 –

10 thoughts on “Sminem Pumps Tether USDT After The Crash”

  1. Bogdanoff would be punished but they will give him a task to dump CEL (Celsius) and he complies.

  2. Biden has literally zero control over anything. He's a Manchurian candidate puppet. And the FED has more control over what pumps and dumps…

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