SLP Price Hits ROCK BOTTOM! – Axie Infinity Economy

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SLP Price Hits ROCK BOTTOM! – Axie Infinity Economy

SLP Hits ROCK BOTTOM! – Axie Infinity Economy SLP continues to lose value day over day and its honestly not a good look for the longterm of SLP in Axie Infinity. What are your thoughts everyone? Join this channel to get access to perks: n Say Hi ❤️‍🔥 🐦Twitter: 🗨️ Discord: C EARN FREE CRYPTO! 💰💰💰 12.25$ FREE BITCOIN – 5 WHO AM I? 👑 I am CryptoKing and on this channel I cover different NFT projects, mainly focusing on Axie Infinity! Please remember to like and subscribe to support my content if you do enjoy it 💜

10 thoughts on “SLP Price Hits ROCK BOTTOM! – Axie Infinity Economy”

  1. I read everyone's opinion, Thank you! My conclusion is that bts and eth were once thrown in the trash. Get a 10% slp of your salary and keep working. Good luck !!!

  2. Krypto King I think Axie is a Camouflaged Pyramid Scheme built on Ever increasing Players but that Growth is coming to an Abrupt halt.

  3. Hastala vista guys, i just cashed out of it! Will be back if Jihoz finally wakes up.

  4. I assume the beginning before the mass drain of investors., the uncontrolled fall of both coins.

    According to my calculations, on January 31, SLP will fall around 0.0065/0.0070

  5. The trading market is constantly evolving with new features, trading opportunities,financial swings with sudden surprises around the corner. The best thing is to stay in shape and don't let anything catch you on the wrong foot.

  6. The game isn’t dead but new burning mechanics will not be enough. Sky Mavis should just start buying up SLP using funds generated from market sales. They are not a DAO in any sense and they could implement this right away. I am still growing my position but keeping an eye out for alternative games for my team.

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