Sending ETH from Binance to Trezor One

I bought a Trezor One last 2021 to secure my Axies. But now I want to use it to store the crypto I've accumulated so far in Binance and I want to start by sending ETH.
Binance lets me choose from a variety of networks (i.e. ETH, Arbitrum, Optimism, etc) and since this is my first time to be doing this transaction, I want to make sure I'll get everything correctly.
Can I use networks like Arbitrum or Optimism to send my ETH to my Trezor wallet, or am I only allowed to use the ETH network to do so? Hope you guys could guide me on this one. Thanks a lot!

Sending ETH from Binance to Trezor One

2 thoughts on “Sending ETH from Binance to Trezor One”

  1. I am not an expert on this but did this not a long time ago and for eth token you have to use erc-20 network, no layer 2 network available on it.

  2. Nobody will guide you in crypto, everything in crypto is do it yourself.

    But noobs should stick to the eth network imo.

    Did you Google arbitrum and trezor support?

    Possible yes but not without education on this topic.

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