SaveChicago: a new community driven cryptocurrency aimed towards the improvement of the state of Chicago

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Save Chicago is a community-driven cryptocurrency that aims to promote social responsibility and support projects and non-profits in the city of Chicago. The city of Chicago is home to a vibrant community with a strong commitment to social justice, equality, and opportunity. However, the city also faces many challenges, including poverty, inequality, and violence. Save Chicago aims to make a positive impact on the city by donating fees to projects and non-profits that address these challenges and contribute to the greater good of the community.

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1 Billion Tokens
With a total of 1 billion tokens, our coin offers a vast and stable foundation for growth and development, providing investors with the confidence that our project will continue to thrive in the long run.

5% Transaction Fee
Our unique fee structure supports further project development, while also funding many different social causes in Chicago. The fees go towards making a positive impact on the City of Chicago.

1% Burn Rate
A deflationary community-driven cryptocurrency where 1% of every transaction is burned, making this token truly deflationary and increasing its scarcity over time.

SaveChicago Mission
The organisation, Save Chicago, is dedicated to leveraging cryptocurrency to support projects and non-profits that address the challenges facing our city. Through our community-driven initiatives, we provide sustainable funding to make a positive impact in Chicago. By utilising the power of blockchain technology, we aim to create a transparent and secure platform that empowers the community to come together and drive meaningful change.

SaveChicago Team

This projects comprises of several team members who plays roles in different areas to ensure the success and stability of the project. From the leadership team to the, Marketing, Development, Finance and Community Management.

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