🚀SatoshiStreetBets | ✅Massive Marketing | Listed on CG & CMC 💎| 🔥 40MC on launch day! | 💠Launched 3 days ago |

E-currency exchange

This gem is one of the biggest, if not the biggest crypto community. A CEX announcement is imminent.💎

Burning 10% today🔥

Insta-listed on CG & CMC ✅

Anti-bot, anti-snipe measures ✅

2 Big influencers next week✅

Staking is just around the corner✅

Mission and Vision:

We are determined to create a successful crypto project and support it with the massive Satoshi Street Bets community. We will establish the standard of how a cryptocurrency and community should operate.

The Token

$SSB token (#BSC) An Accelerated Hyper-Deflationary Token powered by advanced tokenomics and the SSB Business Mode

💠The Leviathan buyback combined with the SSB business model will ensure a constant accelerated hyper-deflationary burn.

💠The SSB Token will generate large amounts of buying pressure and accelerated hyper deflationary burns with our unique tokenomics and multiple use cases.

💠Our first of its kind “Buy The Dip” Tokenomics is a new concept that will revolutionize buying power during a price dip.

💠Exclusive access to “The Streets” NFT Marketplace and SSB Radio contests/giveaways.

💠Stake SSB to earn a wide variety of other tokens.

First of a kind ''Buy the dip'' Tokenomics✅

Rough seas tax protection✅

The Team:

The SSB CORE Team is comprised of business professionals and cryptocurrency veterans and each member brings a wide range of special talents and abilities to the project.

Loyal & growing community ✅

Regular, transparent communication ✅

Rewarding Tokenomics:

12% Transaction fee to incentivize hodling via:

🚀 6% Leviathan Buyback

🤑 3% Lottery/Promotion

🔄 3% Redistribution

💼 1% Marketing and Dev

🔥NOW is the time to pack a bag of $SSB!

(BSC) Contract address: 0x55b53855eae06c4744841dbfa06fce335db4355b

🌐 https://www.ssbtoken.com/

✉️ https://t.me/SSBTokenOfficial

🐥 https://twitter.com/satoshistrbets

🚀SatoshiStreetBets | ✅Massive Marketing | Listed on CG & CMC 💎| 🔥 40MC on launch day! | 💠Launched 3 days ago |