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  1. This video was recorded before my Evidence video. Many people need to understand that I was safemoon's most die-hard holder and now with the information I have received I can no longer talk about safemoon in a positive light. I refuse to go along while Safemoon holders lose money. I am using my platform while I still can.

  2. Like, I've been relatively realistic about safemoon the whole time. But I cant sell at a loss man. The amount of money I have put into safemoon during the bull run taught me an expensive lesson. I missed out the last one and the current. Wont let that happen again. Just wont be buying safemoon again. LRC for the win though

  3. Look zombies are all around, they are I-zombies ( iphone ) and fan-zombies. Dont know if you are familiar with play to earn games, I was banned from 2 different discort games because I ask questions and I was a fudder, guess what, where are those games now. We can not be blinds about a project I starter with safemoon probably at the same time as you in April, die hard supporter. But when everyone starting leaving one by one is just weird. The ice in the cake for me was all the money people lost in the migration, Ryan said that we will get that money back,, who knows maybe that's why he is not in the project any more.. No answers , we the community that have safemoon where it is now deserve answers. I still have my safemoon because dont make any sense for my to sell at 10× lost right now so is just there.

  4. Why ? Why are you still making videos about safemoon if you sold all you had… your just a fudder now like many other safemoon holders of youtube as they lost a bit of money. we are in a crypto winter and every thing is down.
    unsubcrbing from your bullsh!t and i hope eveyone ells does the same.

  5. <🤚Great work as always! I think anyone selling their Bitcoin or Ethereum because of the dip, has no idea what they are holding in the first place. Long term hodlers are not going to sell a single Satoshi. We are on downtrend which the chances of bouncing up off this resistance is much greater than falling lower. Now I buy and just trade and I'm super picky who I listen to for crypto analysis. We should focus on day trading, as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. Big thanks to Thomas Jack, for helping me earn 18 BTC, after implementing his daily trading signals and tips. I'm not bothered with how bad the Market is turning out.

  6. The timing of such a big move was strange. Moving when the price was higher would have made more sense. All the things to be released seemed to have vanished. Work on the projects stopped? Nothing but crickets. To show up with some finished project after they dumped on the community wont get near as much support.

  7. Facts all he needs to do to clear all this explain himself it would make alot more people comfortable with their investments having straight answers.

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