RocketCoin 🚀The Biggest Launch of the Year | Developing own Exchange RocketSwap | Own Wallet Coming in Q3 2022 | Partnered with Crypto Hedge Fund CNZ Capital | Huge Marketing Campaign Started – with major Influencers and Celebrity!

The biggest launch on BNB this year is coming soon and you DO NOT want to miss out!


Rocket Coin is a new token for the modern world. Its mission is to disrupt traditional forms of financial tools which provide liquidity to the broader economy.

The goal of Rocket is to create an independent community which self-finances and self-governs.

The highly anticipated Rocket Coin launches November 30 and is powered by the same brilliant creators of the Boost ecosystem; the same team that developed the revolutionary Boost DeFi app and Boost Coin.

Rocket Coin is the sister token of Boost Coin and will have its very own exchange, RocketSwap

RocketSwap will be similar to BoostSwap, which is known for being user-friendly, smooth and highly efficient. RocketSwap is the more functional version of competitors UniSwap and PancakeSwap.

And before you ask… YES! Rocket Coin will support Boost Coin and the ecosystem.

RocketSwap will be conveniently integrated directly into the Boost DeFi app. Boost DeFi has the best and most up to date financial tools on the market, all in one convenient place.

The app already has nearly 16k members and the community is booming! RocketSwap will be featured in addition to BoostSwap, a portfolio tracking feature called BoostFolio, BoostCharts, BoostFarming and BoostTools which will be similar to DexTools.

There are also various live chats that focus on topics such as Boost and Rocket Coin, NFTs, general stock and general crypto. There is also a news tab that takes users to a hub with the latest news from major crypto outlets. Boost DeFi consolidates the latest financial tools into one simple application that is beautiful and easy to use.

The app is a paid service which requires holdings in and the use of Rocket to unlock certain upgradeable features. With the addition of Rocket Coin and RocketSwap, Boost DeFi will be the most revolutionary app on the market!


Here is a more detailed description of the financial tools Boost DeFi has to offer and exciting developments you can look forward to:

● News – We aggregate the latest news from the top resources in crypto such as Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, Decrypt and more.

● Rumors – Expert traders provide insider tips and information to give traders a leg up by having a better understanding of the landscape.

● BoostFolio – Automatically connect your wallet and let Rocket do the work of tracking your trades and the history of your portfolio in real time.

● BoostCharts – Watch buys and sells in real time on all trades in the Dex world to be able to stay on top of the pulse of any market.

● BoostSwap and RocketSwap – Our flagship product is available to be used at a moment's notice, on the go. This also includes free limit orders so you can essentially “set it and forget it” while you go about your day.

● Education – Providing curriculums ranging from basic understanding of blockchain to advanced topics such as forks, staking, and more.

● Chat – A blend between Telegram and Discord, this will be a central hub where people can build communities, share ideas and help one another along the path to prosperity in the crypto space.

● Wallet – You will be able to store your Rocket Coin and other tokens from the app as well. (Coming Q3 2022)

Let us not forget, Boost Coin has been doing amazing amidst all the new developments. With over 9,000 holders, Boost Coin is backed by first time investors, celebrities, influencers and heavy hitters in the crypto industry.

Analysts are predicting that Boost Coin will reach over $1 in the near future. THIS IS HUGE!

Rocket Coin taxes will be pumping into ETH and Boost Coin.

Rocket Coin is going to help Boost TAKE OFF and this is just the beginning! This will be the most HISTORIC launch of any token there is!

Rocket Coin’s impressive development team features a powerful collaboration of key players that have been in the blockchain space since 2014. Additionally, the Rocket Coin team has completed various successful projects with billion dollar market capitals.

Rocket Coin has the support of the amazing Boost and Rocket community. The community has had a MONUMENTAL month to say the least. Besides the launch of the game changing Boost DeFi app and Rocket Coin, Boost announced a partnership with major crypto hedge fund NZT Capital.

NZT Capital is a crypto-catalyst company that is committed to monthly injections for Boost Coin. Their team of specialists have been in the crypto space for over 5 years and share a passion for blockchain technology with Rocket Coin developers and community.

HUGE NEWS and they’re just getting started!

This is truly only the beginning for the Rocket community. The combination of a strong community-base, expert development team and strategic partnerships is paving the way for a promising future for the Rocket ecosystem. In time we will have a vibrant ecosystem filled with the latest in DeFi features and functions, including farming, staking, additional trading pairs, and NFTs.

We anticipate growing to include designs and functions still yet to be discovered that can take full advantage of blockchain and smart contract technology.

Remember, this is just the beginning. Big things are happening, don’t let them pass you by.

Unsure of how to buy BNB to get ready to convert to Rocket Coin?

Need more information or want to engage with the Rocket Coin community?

Want to see what all the hype is about? ROCKET COIN’S TELEGRAM, DISCORD AND WEBSITE ARE NOW LIVE!

You are not going to want to miss out on the most historic token launch of the year. ROCKET COIN IS GOING TO CHANGE THE GAME FOR US ALL! Rocket is ready to LAUNCH, LET’S BRING IT TO THE MOON! 🚀🚀

Don’t say we didn’t tell you so. Don’t forget – November 30, NO PRESALE, 1,000,000,000 supply and 426,641,920 burned at launch, which mirrors the current burn of Boost.






reddit imageRocketCoin 🚀The Biggest Launch of the Year | Developing own Exchange RocketSwap | Own Wallet Coming in Q3 2022 | Partnered with Crypto Hedge Fund CNZ Capital | Huge Marketing Campaign Started - with major Influencers and Celebrity!