Ripple/XRP-Flare 85%Airdrop,XRP Can`t Be Confiscated vs US Govt It Will Have It, Blackrock/Crypto

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Ripple/XRP-Flare 85%Airdrop,XRP Can`t Be Confiscated vs US Govt It Will Have It, Blackrock/Crypto

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10 thoughts on “Ripple/XRP-Flare 85%Airdrop,XRP Can`t Be Confiscated vs US Govt It Will Have It, Blackrock/Crypto”

  1. If ripple move to other country's jurisdiction, how could the US gov get a hold of the escrow??

  2. The part that Fink isn't saying is that all value, stocks, bonds, Reats, gold silver….all records Medical, Dental records, Business records Home Ownership records, Property records, Voting records, Banking records all value that needs proof of ownership or a Ledger, is coming to the Blockchain Industry…..this is 100+ trillion dollars coming to Blockchain…..and if that means just 5, 50, 5,000 or 50,000 Crypto Coins it is all coming to Blockchain Period!

    Yes, this is gonna be massive! People need to understand fully just how massive this once in a species chance to witness or invest in……it is a real & a massive opportunity!

  3. I guess it's ok to renig on promises, break a verbal contract, if you can make money on it. BS.

  4. Welcome To Digital Perspectives, The Place Where Extreme Wealth & Billionaires Are Made🙏

  5. I own more flare than I was 100% expecting by a couple times. So I ain't mad. I got more how can I be mad? I get to delegate more now. Period better for me. How is this bad? If it works out we get money. If it don't I just lost at the slot machine. Can i be mad … Sure it was my own money. I don't care about money. Get to that point. You will understand what you want and how to get it.

  6. Wasn't you just say that the flr airdrop is going to be massive. Smh. Imo flr is trash. Unless we get regulations. I don't trust delegating anything because I'm not leaving anything on an exchange

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