Rfox changing to Juice – Is this a scam and did it involve insider trading?

Rfox changing is changing to Juice, a token I have not heard of previously. Is it common for a Crypto project to just switch and change their tokens?

Recently Rfox announced they are changing their coin to a new coin juice. The market cap dropped by 30 percent, and I was curious to think if someone inside Rfox suddenly sold 3-4 million dollars before the announcement and took this money. Not sure if someone has a way to find this out? Also I was wondering what the max market cap of Rfox reached (it may have been around 200 million I think) and if people from within Rfox then sold their coins and used all of investors money to fund their project and their life? It’s a lot of money and they could easily just invest this money else where like property and live comfortable from the rent. Is this inside trading and is this something that happens and is unregulated in crypto spaces? A final thought was I remember looking at some charts and seeing their peaks perfectly flat a few days before the announcement. My thoughts were is someone using AI trading with a stack of Rfox coins possibly from within Rfox? Anyway if someone has some thoughts on this I would love to know, thanks

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