Rapid Fire | Chaos Presale BUST? Sell my totem? When will card prices rise? | Splinterlands

Dwayne Cunningham

Rapid Fire | Chaos Presale BUST? Sell my totem? When will card prices rise? | Splinterlands

In this video I answer four community questions about a range of topics. This series is called Rapid Fire because I preselect the questions from my channel, in order to cut any fluff around finding excellent topics. No filler, just 38 minutes of breakdown with Twelve58. Today’s questions included: 1) Do I regret buying 1,000 Chaos packs in the Presale? 2) Can I share the exact SILVER 3 deck build I designed this week? 3) Should someone sell their Legendary Land TOTEM to reinvest? 4) When will Chaos Legion cards rise in value? As always, thank you for your time and attention, have an amazing day and God bless. Join the Channel! n TNA Discord: n Sign-up for Splinterlands! 8 Twitter: n Ethereum: 0x9e805A40E5d4C831b63d94E2603b5E3F436C0250 Bitcoin: bc1qk0v6n7uyr75fg528xew58ddqdy7k5tf2w7a0zk XRP: r4sThPjjPRPnzTgARFEwmS2KC6ua9sD8Qd

10 thoughts on “Rapid Fire | Chaos Presale BUST? Sell my totem? When will card prices rise? | Splinterlands”

  1. Thanks for answering my questions. only wish I had the same liquid for another 1500-2000 packs!

  2. Thanks for answering my Legendary Totem question. I have another for you. Q: do you believe it is worth buying Legendary and GF Potions before opening CL packs? Is it a must do? IGN: junkiecrypto

  3. Question: I currently have 500 unopened chaos packs that I have been holding for the daily airdrop points. I have been contemplating either holding to sell in the future, or opening them and trying to push to a higher rank for better end of season rewards.

    Last season I was able to push to gold 2 at the high point, but not sure if Diamond would be achievable if I opened the packs and made the push.

    Do you think it’s better to forego the daily airdrop points and potential future inflation of the pack value to open the packs now and potentially get better rewards?

    Thank you for any guidance in this area.

    IGN: Champion-Slayer

  4. Djinn Muirat is one of the most underrated legendaries in the game IMO. He hard counters so many popular teams and is just a generally good card otherwise.

  5. What if you have sold all vouchers, bought no packs, accumulated funds and invested everything in General sale. Would you have doubled your packs and doubled the remaining airdrops?
    IGN: godziel

  6. Dwayne, I'm curious, if Dr. Blight wasn't bugged and counted as a promo card and not a normal legendary card your gold foil would have been worth 150,000 air drop points. Would you have held onto the Dr. Blight if he had his proper air drop points for the SPS air drop?

  7. Hi everyone. I'm trying to better understand how this market moves. Dwayne, could you give us a little history on how fast your deck appreciated, since we will probably see another spike sometime in the mid term future? For example, did your deck go from being worth ~$7,000 to ~$200,000 JUST from the summer 2021 run, or were there other periods of high price fluctuations?


    Ign: crothes

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