PHLIP! P2E Game & NFT Project identical to Cards Against Humanity! Minting soon!

PHLIP is a card matching game. If you've played Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, What do you Meme or any other card matching games then you'll understand just how Phlip is played.

Phlip is a Play 2 Earn game – no cost to play. Just connect your wallet and play for rewards!πŸ’°
For the apes, Phlip players can use their Play 2 Earn Tokens to earn DAO tokens in high rewards games.
The game is user generated and owned by the NFT and DAO Token Holders; NFT Holders earn a portion of all rewards generated from the game.

Two styles of gameplay:

Game play works like other card matching games where the dealer draws a card and the player plays the best match in their hand.

Option 1- Witty or Crass text

Option 2- Meme or Photo

The judge then selects what they think is the best matching card!


Bring your friends!

Phlip was designed for social interactions, viral growth, and gamification.

Bring your own team from Telegram, Discord, or Crypto Twitter to compete for top ranking advertisement placements in the game or compete at an individual level for bragging rights amongst your friends.

Create your own private room, invite your friends to play, and compete for play to earn or farming rewards.

Make your game more interactive with voice or chat to talk smack with your peers!

This game is unbelievable! Minting soon…join the socials for now to stay updated.

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πŸƒTG: @phlipgame

PHLIP! P2E Game & NFT Project identical to Cards Against Humanity! Minting soon!