Phising email, be careful


A few days ago I received a phising email impersonating Trezor, saying that my wallet wasn't verified (lol) and that I needed to click on the link provided to verify my wallet, etc etc.

Just letting you know, and also, I'm wondering how did the scammers know that I own a Trezor? Did they gain access to the list of Trezor's customers? Do they just massive spam everyone? Just wondering, it's kind of scary.

2 thoughts on “Phising email, be careful”

  1. Was the scammer called “Trezor-Support”?

    That idiot contacted me by IM on here saying I needed to verify my Trezor on a website called wallet connect.

    Its all a big scam, they just browse the forums, see someone posting a support question and jump on them like flies.

    Try it, post some support question, say you got tons of money in your wallet and wait for the flies to bite.

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