Phishing Protection on BlockWallet

Over time, a lot of crypto traders have fallen victim to scammers. Having vast knowledge and experience in crypto is not a guarantee of safety from scammers. Phishing is a type of cryptocurrency scam that involves tricking victims into giving up their private keys or personal information. It involves a masquerade by the attacker as a legitimate individual or entity to gain the trust of the victim, and collect the non-public keys that provide entry to their wallet to transfer coins to the attacker’s wallet.

BlockWallet provides a solution to enable crypto users to stay safe from phishing attacks. Every user of BlockWallet gets a unique generating art for their account, which distinguishes the wallet login from scam attempts. This unique artwork is displayed in all sensitive regions where you need to input your password.


• Turn on phishing protection in settings. The feature is fully integrated into the wallet, so all that is needed is to keep it on.

• Memorize and always look for your anti-phishing artwork when entering your password.

• Do not share your artwork with anyone. Your artwork is also confidential and private information that should be known to only you.

• Do not interact with BlockWallet if it does not display your artwork. If you interact with BlockWallet and it does not display your unique anti-phishing artwork, you are likely a victim of a phishing attempt and should avoid using the wallet. Instead, contact the community members on Telegram or Discord for guidance.