🌌🥞 PancakeSwap’s DeFi Galaxy Tour: Planet 1 – Uranus Communities, Unite with your Local DeFi Heroes. How to Participate:


Topics for creating content:

  • Pancake Protectors
  • PancakeSwap v3
  • PancakeSwap Perpetuals v2
  • Lottery and Pottery
  • PancakeSwap Prediction
  • PancakeSwap Multichain Expansion
  • Trading reward program

We're empowering our community to delve into research, craft engaging content, and nurture a virtuous learning cycle. With exciting prizes up for grabs, knowledge will flourish like never before!

Campaign Rules and Prizes:

  • Each community has three weeks to prepare content until October 6th.
  • Share your content in your local community using the hashtag #3YearsOfPancakeSwap by October 6th, 23:59 UTC.
  • Content can take various forms: blogs, videos, infographics, and more, as long as it follows PancakeSwap's content guidelines.
  • Ensure your content is in the language of the featured community.
  • Duplicating content from other participants is not allowed.
  • The top 3 winners from each community will be selected by the Chef’s based on the quality and uniqueness of their content. Rank 1 will win $50 USDT, Rank 2 will win $30 USDT, and Rank 3 will win $20 USDT. But that's not all! We're also celebrating our active members. We will also celebrate with our active members in each community by giving away $10 USDT each to 5 lucky members.
  • Winners will be announced within two weeks after the end of the campaign.
  • Rewards will be distributed within four weeks after the end of the campaign.

In addition to the English Telegram Group, we have 14 other local communities representing different languages and cultures. Every day, we'll highlight a new community and a fun fact. Join your respective local community to start creating the content now.

Our local communities:

  • Chinese: https://t.me/PancakeSwap_CN
  • Spanish: https://t.me/PancakeSwapES
  • French: https://t.me/pancakeswapfr
  • Georgia: https://t.me/PancakeSwapGeorgia
  • German: https://t.me/PancakeSwap_DE
  • Indonesian: https://t.me/PancakeSwapIndonesia
  • Indian: https://t.me/PancakeSwap_India
  • Italian: https://t.me/pancakeswap_ita
  • Japanese: https://t.me/PancakeSwapJP
  • Portuguese-Brazilian: https://t.me/PancakeSwapPortuguese
  • Philippine: https://t.me/Pancakeswap_Ph
  • Russian: https://t.me/pancakeswap_ru
  • Turkish: https://t.me/pancakeswapturkiye
  • Vietnamese: https://t.me/PancakeSwapVN