Our Experience Playing Honeyland

Today we played Honeyland, a mobile-based blockchain game in open alpha.

Here's a little info about the game:

  • It's built on the Solana blockchain.
  • Players send their Bees on harvesting and hunting missions to earn HONEY.
  • Honeyland is meant to give a start to an entire gaming ecosystem.

So what did we do in the game?

As we said, the game is in open alpha, so there are only a few things to do:

1/ We sent some Solana on devnet to the game to get some Honey tokens.

On devnet means that these were test tokens, not actual Solana. These devnet SOL tokens allowed us to get some Honey.

2/ We then used the Honey tokens to hatch our Bee NFTs, creating our first bees.

We got these for free as part of the alpha.

3/ We then put these bad boys to work.

We deployed them on a few harvesting missions.

4/ We earned some Honey!

After a few hours, the missions were completed, and we received Honey tokens.

5/ We send more Bees to harvest and hunt on the map.

So we can earn some more HONEY!

So what's our overall experience?

The game is still in alpha, so there aren't a lot of things to do.

But the things you can do are fun and engaging.

Looking forward to seeing how this game develops over time.

Of course, we will keep you up to date on all cool things Honeyland.

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Our Experience Playing Honeyland