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Omega Network is a layer 1 Blockchain project, which uses consensus DPoS with a TPS target of over 100,000 TPS, using an open source-based EVM network, Omega Network will be a place for developers to be able to develop projects under the Omega Network.

Saw this and looked worth covering as it seems pretty interesting. So they are developing a layer 1 blockhain and currently live on testnet. Mainnet apparently goes live in 2 weeks. They also have staking platform live. With all this in mind it is interesting to see the marketcap at just under $100k. Apparently first project for the team so worth noting.

Gaining traction for a blockchain will be tricky but others have succeeded with similar style launches so will be curious to see how this one progresses.

Team say they plan to market up to the launch of mainnet. Hopefully its a fairly steady stream as 2 weeks is a long time in crypto and will need momentum kept up.

LP is locked for 6 months and taxes are 9/9.

✅ LP locked for 6 months

✅ staking platform lLIBE

✅ Test net IS LIVE

✅ strong community and influencers on board

Max Tx : 5%

Tax buy/sell = 9/9 %

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OMEGANETWORK | Next level DPoS Blockchain |