NFT:NYC – where is everybody?

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NFT:NYC – where is everybody?

We’re in New York city for NFT NYC. The great and the good of the NFT space will be joining us in New York to tell us why this space isn’t dead. Our sponsor t Follow The Defiant team on Twitter: Camila Russo: Robin Schmidt: e Alp Gasimov: v ✊ Follow The Defiant Website / Newsletter / Twitter s Discord 3 Instagram / Telegram Announcements s Telegram Chat t #TheDefiant​ #DeFi​ #Decentralized​ #Finance​ #Blockchain

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10 thoughts on “NFT:NYC – where is everybody?”

  1. Well despite people shilling in the comments… I totally agree with what that one person said, Smart Contacts could be an awesome thing but right now I don't think we know enough about them to be doing things like this. Not only that but it would be awesome to commission actual artists and truly get a 1/1 piece.

  2. I found a very promising project with a 100 nft airdrop, I think everyone should go there and see

  3. Hey Guys, I found on the vastness of Twitter just the coolest project, it's with a freemint, by the way, they will have a draw soon
    there, here's their Twitter – @Fac_nft🔥🔥

  4. Thanks for that awesome video! Impressive background traffic there! 😛
    I was looking into the coming NFTs of MDB (Deflationary Token, they have a stable coin in their ecosystem too – MDB+). They're about to release a limited (500) NFT collection that will earn you passive income only by having one of these beauties.

    Do you think that's interesting? I really like the design, the passive income it generates would only be a plus

  5. MDB is a solid project with deflationary tokenomics. Every once in a while, a percentage of the supply will be burnt. It started with 1b supply, and the team burnt 44m tokens already. which is a 4% burn in the first few weeks of the project. MDB+ is also another appreciating stable coin to add to the table. Currently they are making a NFT collection that yields 30-70% APY, and the art looks really cool. If you lost any money on rebase projects, come on over to MDB, we will guarantee that in the long run, you will make money 100%. We are not only here to make defi better, we are here to take over. If you want to check it out, come join our discord

    #MakeDefiBetter #MillionDollarBaby

  6. Guys guys, I recently climbed the internet and found a very good project that has a good future, here is his twitter @FAC_nft🔥

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