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Elevating block chain technology through Dex

There are various and significant differences in Dex and cex that are notable in crypto market.

DEX is being operated on blockchain networks and to manage transaction they are not dependent on any central authority, user accounts, or funds. Dex has got amazing features like transparency, Security and it gives much authority to user as compare to cex that is governed by centralised entities

As far as privacy is concerned on the Dex platform it doesn't require user to provide the system with their personal info or go through any (KYC) verification process. This features distinguishs Dex from cex because it is more user friendly.

Security is the hallmark of Dex it gives its user full control over their private keys as they don't store funds in a central repository. Users can access their wallets and transaction can be executed without any fuss. In cex you are prone to theft and hacking of funds.

Another distinctive feature of Dex that makes it stand out among others is that users don't have to comply with geographical restrictions, they can access it from any location around the globe on the other hand you don't enjoy these benefits in CEX you have to follow the geographical limitations.

Variety of tokens can be traded as compared to cex . Dex provides user with diverse options by supporting different blockchains and their associated tokens.

Creating a new and more developed version of Dex with Oscar swap

  • Oscar has incorporated all the significant features of Dex and polished them with help of Arbitrum block chain.
  • By having more refined version of Dex in it oscar is now better equipped to handle new challenges and opportunities in the crypto market.
  • Oscar has brought new ideas to Dex For instances oscar tokens can be staked in an automated compounding staking pool and brought you back 100 per of generated revenue.
  • It has increased the productivity of Dex where users can be both Dex and trader at the same. They can juggle with several tasks simultaneously.
  • Another notable feature of oscar that sets it apart from other Dex system is Competitive trading fees are being offered to make it a highly feasible exchange for user. With the blend of Arbitrum l2 in oscar users can be benefited from reduced gas fees and swap fee as well.
  • It has opened new opportunities through Dex for oscar users by making it a bit resistant environment.
  • For value creation and increased profitablity security and safety are top priorities. The director and co-founder go through KYC with a reputable firm. The DEX underwent thorough audits before launch and many other security measure are being taken to improve the quality and sustainability of the project.






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