My Plan To Make Over $10,000 From Crypto Airdrops

Jesse Eckel

My Plan To Make Over $10,000 From Crypto Airdrops

Crypto Airdrops Are WILD and I’ve seen people make $3k all the way to $30,000 or more simply using platforms and trying to earn airdrops. In fact I’ve myself earned thousands from crypto airdrops in the past. Airdrops are incredible when you get them and we’ve already seen some massive ones during the bear market. Including the insane Optimism airdrop where users made $10k to $50k just for using the Optimism network before everyone else and being an early adopter. In this video I share 5 potential upcoming airdrops I’m looking at, what they are and what my plan is to try to qualify for each airdrop and hopefully earn some some money. ——— πŸ“ Join My Patreon [Only 3 Slots]: l ——— Affiliate linksπŸ₯³: πŸ’Ό Get 20% off Filing Your Crypto Taxes: /> πŸ€– Bitsgap Trading Bot I Use For The Ghost Tiger Strategy: /> πŸ“ˆ GMX Decentralized Perps: /> πŸ’» Stoic An AI Bot I’m Testing: /> πŸ’° Kucoin Centralized Exchange: 8 πŸ”’ My Favorite Hardware Wallet: /> πŸ”’ Another Hardware Wallet I Use: /> ——- If you have any questions let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them! —— If you want to follow along with my journey make sure to subscribe! Subscribe: /> —— Follow me: Discord: Twitter: l Tiktok: / Instagram: / The Entrepreneurs Planner : / Obsidian Web3 company: / Buy Me Coffee: l *IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: None of this is meant to be taken as any form of investment advice, it’s just me sharing my journey to a million and taking about what I’m up to and the strategies and tactics I’m using to try to get there. Do your own research always! I’m a normal guy who makes mistakes and has made plenty so far during this journey. So choosing to blindly copy what I’m doing isn’t going to lead you to just making a ton of money. I’ve had investments where I’ve lost EVERYTHING. I don’t just say do your own research as a legal covering but because you really need to do your own research and make your own call. If you don’t understand what you’re investing in you can lose A LOT of money! Especially in crypto which is super super risky. A lot of the projects I like to jump in are really small crypto projects which make them even more insane risky. Past performance doesn’t mean the project will do the same thing in the future, no one can predict the future and what will happen next. I’m pretty passionate about this, I am by no means a professional investor. I’m on my journey to a million dollars, I don’t even have the experience to have made a million dollars. All this is to share my journey because I believe there is value in watching me both succeed and fail. It’s my story I’m sharing with all of you, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and don’t just blindly copy meπŸ˜„ Also all of this info might be accurate at the time of me recording and posting but in the future things could change. Especially in crypto things change fast, so just be aware of that. Thanks! #Crypto #airdrops

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  2. Hey Jesse I think Evaverse may do an airdrop of their token to all those that hold their nft… Still not sure on this but worth a look

  3. Your definitely right. I made more money with airdrop then anything else last year

  4. You forgot to mention Pulsechain & PulseX. Biggest free airdrop ever. Is already running on testnet, no bridges needed and everything you have in your eth metamask is automatically copied over to their system. Already has a ton of liquidity and potential users through Hex.. even if people are doubtful, just swap all the free coins into one you like and cash out or into the governance token and wait. If Pulsechain is worse than every other layer 1 you’ll probably at least 100x after a year or 2..

  5. I made 11k from investing in Bittensor in Aug at $7. Now at $47. The largest decentralized neural network that will support multimodals. Same exact supply and halvings as bitcoin. Not even listed yet. Can only buy otc(like early BTC days). Will be a triple digit play near term. 4 and 5 digit long term. Mark my words!

  6. just a heads up sui said in their discord that there wont be any airdrops dont know if they really meant it or not

  7. All these comments saying "Amazon CRYO100X" are BOTS. It is a phishing scam, when you search the fake coin it leads you to a fake CoinMarketCap channel then to a phishing website.

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