My Ledger is/has been corrupted


Despite my precautions (Metamask protected by a Ledger) I was intruded and had my Metamask emptied. I didn't panic and when I realized the situation I decided to stay strong and go take my mind off it by doing something else with myself than staying in front of computer.

Once the stress was over, I went back to see the damages. In fact, I can't access my sub-account protected by my Ledger anymore or let's say I went to Ledger Live to check my Ledger itself and I got this message: Your devices memory has been corrupted. Ledger data damage error: 0x0m3Ck8n (see screenshot in attachment).

Of course, I will do my research on my side, but I ask you anyway to know if there is a way to fix the situation.

Thank you for your attention.

reddit imageMy Ledger is/has been corrupted