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26 thoughts on “Monthly Skeptics Discussion – January 2022”

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  1. How safe do you guys think is.

    I want to invest more in CRO and unlock higher earn rewards and rebates.

    But I get this uneasy feeling that as soon as there is serious market trouble the whole company will get liquidated

  2. Why would any large institution commit assets to centralized L1s we have today. They are much better off creating their own chains.

  3. LRC didn’t deliver us their big Q4 2021 announcement. I feel like the hype is dying

  4. Hodl mentality is mostly borne of survivorship bias. In most cases one should look to overall market trends and take profits while they are there.

  5. Have you heard of some folks who have taken major risks buying crypto – like using their college money, or maxing out their credits – that kind of thing?

  6. For me 2022 is gonna be DCA weekly into ETH/BTC โ€“ย and buy some other stuff if it looks worth it.

  7. People on here (for the benefit of newcomers) really need to distinguish between shitcoins and altcoins of projects with actual projects and upcoming releases. For instance take gaming coins – I would not place them as shit coins. They have whitepapers, betas, alphas and upcoming launches. DOGE, shiba etc – shitcoins.

    Please guys, for the benefit of new people coming into the space, please dont lump all low ranked coins as shitcoins.

  8. Every single day i wake up, prices look good, then they proceed to crash all day, until i sleep. Then i wake up to higher prices again, and prices slowly crash the entire day until i fall asleep. Why does this always happen?

  9. Ergo constantly sliding down worries me that it is not the project that it claims to be.

  10. What happens when we hit crypto’s consolidation phase as companies are merged/bought out? Will the acquiring company swap the tokens into their own? That could put pressure on the buying company’s token and significantly increase circulating supply.

  11. LRC hype began the same week it was added to the Coinbase earn programme. That canโ€™t be a coincidence surely?

  12. Is there a way to know which dapp makes the most of network transactions? For example gas fees on polygon are high ATM meaning there’s a lot of transactions. Is there a way to know what causes this?

  13. What is your guys opinion on the decentralization issues of AVAX and ONE? i really like what they are doing and they seem to be doing it good, but large holdings by the owners and uncertainty about validators for AVAX has me thinking

  14. Current layperson gamers know they can play new, decent Xbox/PlayStation/PC games for a decent price. They also know, emerging NFT games cost hundreds and thousands of dollars for entry and everything along the way. I like NFTs, but they price-out and upset peasants the way they are now, which I donโ€™t think is great for adoption.

  15. Dammit should have sold Matic when it was above 2,40.

    Now it gets dumped on every time it grows for not even 5% ๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. Fucking hell couple of nice we are climbing slowly hours only to dump again those 1-5% gained within 5-15 minutes ๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. Feels like we are in a bear market and everyone in the space is lying and pretending that we’re not. We have been making lower highs and lower lows for months now with no end in sight.

    There is nothing in the charts or the fundamentals to suggest that we are heading towards another bull run. And yet folks are still preaching HODL and DCA. This is how people lose money

  18. Whenever this tinyman exploit gets resolved Iโ€™m going to be profiting out the ying yang. Yโ€™all should load up while you still can.

  19. Do you guys realize that the majority of coins that had meteoric rises were ones that almost nobody here shilled until after they rose? Should be a pattern to remember the next time youโ€™re looking to buy something undervalued

  20. Dispite the hate and crabby movement I am still bullish on ADA. The low price jas allowed me to DCA nice. But I’m starting to wonder if I should stop DCA untill I see a little more movement?

  21. Like anything in life, you need a plan. Nothing should surprise you. Or at least nothing the market does should make you panic. It’s like a baseball player. They stand in the field ready to go…they already worked out in their head what they are going to do if the ball is hit to them, so they don’t have to think about it. Same with Crypto or stocks or any investment. Have a plan going in and you’ll never be flummoxed.

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