MASSIVE Crypto Crash Explained | FTX Vs Binance

Andrei Jikh

MASSIVE Crypto Crash Explained | FTX Vs Binance

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10 thoughts on “MASSIVE Crypto Crash Explained | FTX Vs Binance”

  1. You've been pushing them for some time, haven't ya mate? Please disclose how much skin you've had in your sponsor you damn grifter.

  2. Hey Andrei why are you still promoting blockfi in your description? Its already a bankrupt company.

  3. Does no one else focus on the fact the the decentralization aspect of Crypto that allowed people to see the huge transaction that triggered this whole thing? One can argue that this is both good or bad. Opinions are welcome

  4. Your credibility is completely ruined. You were pushing FTX on your innocent audience.

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