Location of tokens? Can’t remember after concussion [some reward for the golden tip..].

Hi guys,

The problem is the following:

I recently had a concussion in an accident and lost some of my short memory…

– Now i have some tokens that are on different places offline but there is one place that seems to be lost or maybe staked or on a place i can't remember because of the accident. I also hold 3 offline backups with all the details of my tokens and is on a place not possible to find by another.

I don't have life changing money but some to keep offline and safe tho.. On that backup i got documents with places i have staked and where my tokens are but for some reason i can't find some of them back.

The address where i thought my tokens should be are on a Metamask address:


I have checked etherscan, ethplorer, polygonscan to figure out where they could be but can't seem to find my tokens MATIC, UNI, CELR, GRT, LINK… . The strange thing is that on any of the scans it also didnt showed that i staked my VGX token on the VGX site so the tokens could still be somewhere staked or stored. I have for safety sended my VGX tokens to my Ledger Nano already.

On the blockchain i have seen that most of my tokens have been sended to:

0x11661c622dC6d4f65497d9B9A91304bDfc408A8F ( Can the origin of this address be find? )

and that they are swapped for wETH on Uniswap or something? I did know a little bit about using Uniswap and Polygon wallet but both seems to be empty. Now i also don't think it's hacked because of the following:

– Metamask was installed on a different laptop only being used for crypto and all the addresses are bookmarked so no ad clicking of phising sites were used.

– Metamask was installed on the official extension of Chrome and the seed was kept offline on a paper.

– The laptop is up-to-date with an Antivirus that didnt scanned for malicious software or any virus.

– The Matic has been moved with first 100 MATIC, 500 MATIC and then the rest. I always send my tokens like this to be sure they arrive well. 100 MATIC, 500 MATIC and then the rest is the way i would do it also.

– The staked VGX was not stolen and was the biggest piece of my money on it.

– In the document i have was stated that my LINK and MATIC were on app.aave.com staked on a Metamask but connected with Ledger. My Ledger goes online only for transactions and is safe. I know i used Aave for staking, lending tokens there ( but only MATIC and LINK ). I think i moved them later on

Maybe i forgot some software or location i have staked, stored like the way it was with VGX on their website. I could not find any of that on the blockchain that i found so maybe i overlooked something?I also checked on Ledger Live if any of those token could be there but can't find them there also. Maybe u guys see something on the blockchain i don't? I know there are many places for staking, storing… but i do remember most of them and are also on the documents..

Thanks for any help and be sure to receive quite some USDT if for some reason i could get them back :-).

Location of tokens? Can’t remember after concussion [some reward for the golden tip..].

2 thoughts on “Location of tokens? Can’t remember after concussion [some reward for the golden tip..].”

  1. You converted the matic (100,500, 6,900), UNI, GRT and Aave to ETH from this address 0x11661c622dC6d4f65497d9B9A91304bDfc408A8F

    And sent to this address


    Which is where it currently is now.

    Run me my 2k tip?


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