LitLabGames TGE and Exchange Listing on may 10

LitLabGames develop their own technology focused on web3 integration with a friendly user experience. this is the first Esports publisher launching games backed by blockchain technology with a crypto-based economy. As a first project, we aim to be a Blockchain gaming publisher leader.

LitLabGames conduct IGO last may 4-7 on top Launchpads like Seedify, Decubate, Spores Network and Game Starter. it was very successful sold out in just 20 seconds now preparing for the big event on may 10.

Also LitLabGames has LitLab Wallet – a place to store your tokens and digital goods from all our products with the option of managing all your wallets from the same account.

LITT Token is the token of the LitLab ecosystem with which you can play in all our games. Based on a long-term sustainable token economy with multiple uses.

CyberTitans is the first video-game release by LitLabGames. backed by blockchain technology and a token-based deflationary economy.

Mark your calendar and prepare your funds! Expect Top tier exchange listing for $LITT token. this is the best token to buy and hold for long term. the next big thing in Crypto gaming industry.

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