Listing of SpookySwap (BOO) | Flexible Interest Rates

Midas.Investments announced SpookySwap (BOO) listing on its platform. Current APY: 25%

What is SpookySwap BOO?

SpookySwap is an automated market-making decentralized exchange for the Fantom Opera network. Users can easily use it to swap, add/remove liquidity, yield farming, etc. Also, the SpookySwap platform supports a bridge to transfer tokens to/from the Fantom to the Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, and Arbitrum networks.

BOO is the governance token of SpookySwap DEX that motivates users to join the project and boost the platform’s popularity. When it comes to important decisions, BOO takes the stage as the community’s power to influence proposals on Snapshot. All farm-related decisions like emission changes, which new protocol SpookySwap partners with, and which farms should be inactive, are made through community vote.

On SpookySwap, when trading tokens, users are required to pay a 0.2% fee. Liquidity Providers earn 0.17% of that as BOO rewards, and 0.03% goes to xBOO holders. None of the trading fees go to any DAO treasury or development funds.

BOO Stats

  • Max supply: 13,666,000 BOO
  • Circulating supply: 5,885,000 BOO
  • Market Cap: $89,491,000
  • Network: Fantom

Flexible rates launched

BOO generates yield through the protocol’s staking. The flexible rates are changing according to the APY that staking produces and can be adjusted by the Midas team on a regular basis.

Start earning with BOO on Midas platform today.