Launch of a Community Resource Portal – by the community, for the community

Recently Oasis Network launched its revitalized community resource portal – the Oasis Garden. It is practically a virtual home for Oasis users, creators, and developers. It will act as a community hub for Oasis contributors and also help in onboarding new web3 users to Oasis.

Oasis Garden is full of key features and useful resources that are accessible thanks to its attractive layout, seamless user interface, and easy navigation. An overview:

  • Knowledgebase covers everything from FAQs and documentation to blogs about partnerships, news, and other updates, links to videos on the official YouTube channel
  • dApp directory lists all the active ecosystem dApps
  • Events section lists past and future events and there is also a section comprising Twitter Space recordings
  • Network stats and links to all Oasis socials – Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Telegram, GitHub, Facebook, Instagram, and also the community's own forum and blog repository (including one about the portal launch)
  • Anyone looking for a job or wanting to enlist in the ambassador program can do so from here
  • Useful links cover Contact Us, mainnet faucet for the native token ROSE, Oasis web wallet, browser extension wallet, explorers for Oasis consensus and paratimes like Sapphire and Emerald, and also the status of all official and third-party Oasis services
  • Regional communities (official as well as unofficial) and translations of Oasis content are included

Start exploring today and don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter and give your feedback on the community poll.