Is Polkadot The Next LUNA Crypto? – $DOT POLKADOT Cryptocurrency

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Is Polkadot The Next LUNA Crypto? – $DOT POLKADOT Cryptocurrency

Is Polkadot The Next LUNA Crypto? – $DOT POLKADOT Cryptocurrency Buy Polkadot: /> If you’re a keen observer of what’s happening in the crypto universe, you’ll agree with me that DOT could explode sooner than we know. Polkadot was the most successful crypto in 2020 and it has been touted to replace Ethereum in terms of dominance at the end of 2021. The coin caught the attention of virtual asset investors at the start of the boom of DeFi (decentralized finance). And considering the massive movements happening in the Polkadot universe right now, it’s not crazy to actually buy and hold at least 100 Polkadot tokens. Bitcoin and Dogecoin might be enjoying fame, but the likes of Polkadot are secretly growing thanks to the innovations and strategic partnerships of its community. So, you might want to share this video with a Polkadot fan you know. Subscribe to Crypto Diary for more videos on crypto! (0:0) WELCOME (00:26) POLKADOT (01:15) NPOS (03:17) DOT AUCTION (05:18) DEGITAL COINS (07:00) WILL DOT BECOME NEXT LUNA? (07:46) THANKS #polkadot #dot #crypto

10 thoughts on “Is Polkadot The Next LUNA Crypto? – $DOT POLKADOT Cryptocurrency”

  1. That scientist is just making this up. They are all trying to make a name for themselves. The people can be led like sheep to the slaughter because they are weak and lazy mentally. But the people who are the big investors are not fooled by any of this nonsense, they only use this to their advantage. Make no mistake, big investors don’t make financial decisions on their feelings or based on silliness like this. They are far more sophisticated investors than the rest of us.
    Thank you for the timely video. Feels like were stuck in the mud. Not up, or down. Still, it helps to have a rational voice reminding us not to lose faith. To the technicals, they never lie! Green continues to be an inspiration to all newbies and those who have been fortunate to have made use of his signals……..

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  3. The crypto to face so many
    Pump or dump which affects the market
    greatly, leading to so many losses of crypto from
    unprofessional or unwise investors.

  4. Love your videos! Thanks! But if Dot was down almost 100% as you say, it would be worth just a few cents, not $29…

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