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10 thoughts on “Is Coinbase INSOLVENT? Genesis BRACES For BANKRUPTCY”

  1. Everyone talks about getting rid of cefi exchanges and using only defi but how are we supposed to get money on these defi exchanges

  2. "We don't have any exposure to FTX… well, um, maybe like $175,000,000. But other than that, not much." – Genesis

  3. The good thing here is.. this is going to flush out the bad actors .. some people need to go to jail.. and then things can get to a point where there is integrity in the system

  4. Two rich guys who passed on FTX? Elon (BS detecter) and A16Z (HQ location – sketchy). One rich guy who jumped on the SBF bandwagon: Mr. Wonderful. Guess who's advice I'm taking?

  5. Hmm…CZ ..Binance…the Company that doesn't have a "physical" location slinging mud? The loudest barking dog is the one you should be most weary of. CZ is not a good guy..not any kind of hero…just another asshole douche bag trying to make ever more money. None of them are to be trusted much less revered.

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