$INFRA is officially live!

$INFRA is set to power the whole Bware Labs ecosystem. Bware Labs is widely recognized for its provision of high-performance infrastructure services and developer tools.

Within the Bware Labs ecosystem, one notable project is Blast API. This platform was purpose-built to tackle the reliability and performance challenges prevalent in the Web3 landscape. The decentralized blockchain API platform stands out from the competition due to its exceptional performance, speed, and reliability. It has already outperformed established players such as ANKR.

At the core of Blast API's progress is the INFRA token. As the utility token within Blast's staking and delegation mechanism, INFRA empowers participants to actively contribute to the network's growth and development. By staking INFRA tokens, community members not only help decentralize infrastructure resources but also gain a share in the platform's rewards.

You can buy $INFRA on the CEXs and DEXs below:



MEXC Global



Trader Joe