INFLATION Update: What It Means For The CRYPTO Market!!

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INFLATION Update: What It Means For The CRYPTO Market!!

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8 thoughts on “INFLATION Update: What It Means For The CRYPTO Market!!”

  1. Hope you guys liked today's update. Let me know what you think about inflation in your country.
    Remember that you can follow me on my socials for all the content that you are missing here 👉

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  3. Basically everyone is gonna lose their money , and somehow big companies are gonna get richer

  4. Perhaps we should stop following psychopaths and mass murderers and get more serious about utilizing crypto as a means for breaking free from their control .

  5. Aha! I know you've been to Canuckistan because you know about Tim Horton's and poutine!

  6. Not to mention, this number is official. So it's not real. Real inflation is much more higher, at least %15-20

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