I took out a loan to buy more DOGECOIN, Here we go! (Week 1 Update)

I ignored all of the advice from friends, family and other Redditors to do something I felt was right.

Took out a loan last week (March 22) and bought more DOGE, bringing me to nearly 300k DOGE. SO far I'm up 42% over the last week.

I've done the math and studied the charts for the last 3 years. I think this is an asymmetrically positive opportunity. Of course I have exit strategy, tax filing steps, and overall preparation to ladder out effectively. Its imperative to plan accordingly for any investment you undertake.

I have a good job and can cover the monthly, and I won't hold the loan for the full 60-month duration. Thank God bull cycles don't last 60 months.

I wouldn't mind being the first millionaire in my family, but foremost I want to help others with investing and financial literacy! We will WIN!

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