I think we can all finally agree that Solana, is in fact, very over hyped.

Not here to throw hate on Solana.
Solana is good at times, but I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t really deserve the amount of hype it receives.

I think it’s more so “aight” for me, nothing more nothing less.

Solana’s network went down, yet again, today and people aren’t that surprised anymore.

Would much rather stay on Ethereum and use Polygon to get ride of gas fees and long waits. In fact MATIC has been much more consistent than Solana has ever been in mu opinion.

Please stop over hyping/throwing false hate on projects. Just give things the amount of hype they deserve.

26 thoughts on “I think we can all finally agree that Solana, is in fact, very over hyped.”

  1. I don’t hold any Solana but I don’t think the network went down? It did get hit with a DDOS attack and slow down but afaik it did not go down. Am I wrong or was this a knee jerk post without the required information to back it up?

  2. I don’t hold any real amounts of Solana anymore. It is what it is. I like using it for random stuff as part of my investment strategy. Sending USDT@SOL or USDC@SOL to Phantom wallet to get withdrawal locks coins on exchanges like Binance in a DeFI wallet. Who’s liquidity?? lol SOl defi has been keeping its peg to coin gecko. It’s good and works when I need it.

  3. It is but i still hold some.I also hold UBXT which is undervalued right now but all set to soar.

  4. You don’t have any NFTs on Solana, obviously. Then you’d understand what has driven their growth.

  5. this is not entirely correct, as Etheruem would have been considered overhyped before it got to this level…i’d say for sure, no good project is overhyped, maybe for me as i believe in solid projects like ALBT POP BMI , especialy with that the POP is a partnership validator that uses MLPs to prove commitment.

  6. And iota/Nano/Hathor are underhyped! Which is why these pump and dump coins offering downgrades from these three in fee’s, network speed etc are annoying!

  7. All the cryptos have issues. Bitcoin too slow. Eth has crazy gas fees. Solana too centralized and prone to DDoS attacks and system outage. Polygon just got hacked a few days ago. Cardano develops too slowly and has no Dapps. etc etc etc

    They are all flawed in one way or another. This is why I spread my money around to about 12 coins/tokens, with the investments weighted by market cap.

  8. Always conscious that the SOL VCs are probably looking to exit and if necessary dump now they’ve secured their 10000x returns… SOL was a rush job fueled by some great VC marketing, but not many of us wholeheartedly trust the reliability or security of the project or its backers…

    Having said that, Eth is the original rush job and is not much better!

    As such, keeping my eye out for something better in 2022… fingers crossed…

  9. Are you guys this butt hurt you missed out on Solana? Seriously? FFS.

    Is it Solana’s fault your PNL is in the shitter?

    Anyone who thinks ETH is better than Solana has never actually used ETH or Solana. Not buy on an exchange, but actually USE them.

  10. Solana still treating me well Avax had that massive FUD attack on ETH and SOL probably avax attacking the SOL

  11. You do realise Sol wasn’t attacked in September or even the other day and it didn’t go down.

    Both times it was congestion and even with that congestion is was still faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum

  12. MATIC transaction fees just tripled in past few days – anything linked to Ethereum is gonna have that prob – for NFTs Solana is way better

  13. I’m not shocked that it went down, I’m shocked that it’s as big as it is and why people are so dismissive about it being so unstable.

  14. Finnaly people have started to notice that the hype around Sol was pretty fake.

    ETH is the base, and everything else is below it. You can try out the incoming dex by kaddex.

    Don’t even do hype…you like it or you don’t, simple as that 🙂

  15. Another reason I’m planning to go with Qanplatform now is that it’s a quantum resistant layer 1 hybrid blockchain.It has a TPS of around 1600, which is slightly lower than Solana, but it uses the PoR proof of randomness, which makes its ecosystem green and allows mining and validation on mobile phones.Although the testnet will be available on January 17th, I can only speculate on what I can expect when the mainnet goes live.

  16. I see smart people, much smarter than myself, building projects on Solana. For me, that’s enough confidence in it. Follow the developers.

  17. The dev team shut down the entire network briefly a couple months ago….. that should tell you everything you need to know about that garbage.

  18. The hype is the value. All these hyped of people will get more people to buy it, driving the price up.

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